Vitamin D3, Zahler,1,250 mcg (50,000 IU), 120 Capsules

Zahler, Vitamin D3, 1,250 mcg (50,000 IU), 120 Capsules

  • High Potency: Contains 50,000IU in just one capsule providing optimal benefits of Vitamin D3 in a once a week supplement
  • Highest Quality: Provides all the benefits of Vitamin D without the the risk of exposure to UVB rays
  • Optimal Formual: Kosher, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free Vegetarian Friendly
  • MADE IN THE USA: Manufactured and bottled in a state of the art GMP certified facility


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Zahler Vitamin D3 50,000 IU

The “Sunshine Vitamin”


  • Vitamin D3

Aside from exposure to sunlight, you can also obtain Vitamin D3 by eating certain foods, such as fish, eggs, and milk fortified with the Vitamin

  • Adequate Vitamin D Levels

Many people d not have adequate levles of Vitamin D3 in their system, therefore require supplements

  • Vitamin D Absorption

Wearing sunscreen in the outdoors diminishes Vitamin D absorption via sunlight by more than 90% Zahler’s Vitamin D provides all the benefits without the risk of exposure to UV rays

Vitamin D Deficiency


  • Bones

Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to a softening of the bones known as Osteomalcia in adults and rickets in children

  • Risks

Some risks that lead to Vitamin D deficiency are spending too much time indoors, living far from the equator, eating a diet low in vitamin D

  • Vitamin D Benefits

Vitamin D3 is a crucial nutrient for overall health, specifically maintaining strong muscles, bones, teeth and immune system

Why Zahler’s Vitamin D3?

                     Advanced D3 Formula.

This bone bulding and immune modulating formula contains D3, a form of Vitamin D and helps your body absorb Calcium. Being that a typical diet does not provide the recommende amount of this Vitamin, supplementin with Vitamin D is crucial for overall health.


Vitamin D3 is the best form of Vitamin D, D3 provides many benefits such as maintaning strong muscles, bones, teeth and immune system. This easy to swallow Capsule is highly absorbable and provides all the benefits without the risk of unprotected UVB rays.

                         Rooted In Purity

All Zahler products are sourced directly from nature containing only pure, unadulterated ingredients. Manufactured and bottled in a state-of-art GMP, NNFA and NSF facility. Zahler’s Vitamin D meets the highest nutraceutical standards.