Vaseline, Healing Jelly, Original, 13 oz (368 g)

Vaseline Healing Jelly Baby, 13 oz, 4 Count

  • Vaseline Healing Jelly Baby locks moisture to help treat and prevent chafed skin from diaper rash with a light baby powder fragrance
  • Vaseline relieves the symptoms of diaper rash to soothe your baby’s skin and restore softness
  • Vaseline Healing Baby is a skin moisturizer that forms a protective barrier to keep out wetness and protect your baby’s skin
  • Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Baby is gentle on skin, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Made with triple-purified white petroleum jelly. Purity guaranteed.
  • Best for diaper rash, sensitive skin, dry skin


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Product details

Vaseline Healing Jelly Baby is a gentle moisturizer that keeps babies’ skin soft and smooth. Babies have sensitive skin that needs to be cared for with specially formulated products – so it is essential to choose products that are effective at helping treat and prevent diaper rash, and kind to your baby’s skin, like Vaseline Healing Jelly for Baby. Vaseline Healing Jelly Baby helps to treat and prevent dry, chafed skin from diaper rash by locking in moisture. It creates a protective barrier to help prevent friction between diapers and your baby’s skin, which can help solve the problem of diaper rash before it occurs. It also comes in a recyclable, flip cap jar, making it convenient and simple to use, even when you’re on the go. Gentle, Hypoallergenic Formula. Our Vaseline petroleum jelly for babies is gentle, dermatologist tested, and formulated to soothe diaper rash. Like the Original Vaseline Jelly, Vaseline for Baby is triple-purified to remove any impurities that could irritate your child’s skin. It is gentle on sensitive baby skin. Because of its pure and gentle formula, Vaseline Baby can be used as a daily baby body moisturizer to treat dry patches on your baby’s face and body, not just their diaper area. When used regularly as part of your diaper changing routine, it’s the perfect baby moisturizer to help prevent dry skin and chafing.