NAC, 600 mg, NOW Foods, 100 Veg Capsules

  • Expiry date:
  • Free Radical Protection
  • With Selenium & Molybdenum
  • Maintains Cellular Health
  • Consult your doctor before usage as it might cause side effects
  • Contains no sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg or shellfish


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NOW Foods – NAC N-Acetyl Cysteine 600 mg. – 100 Vegetarian Capsules

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) Promotes Healthy Cells, Tissues, And Organs For A Healthy Body And Well-Being
The cells produced everyday in the body also face regular dangers. Aging, pollution and stress, among others can endanger their survival and therefore a person’s health. In particular, free radicals caused by the factors just mentioned can lead to abnormal cell growth. That’s why cell production should be armed with a supplement like NAC N-Acetyl Cysteine capsules by NOW, a respected brand in the food supplement industry. With just one vegetarian capsule a day, one can easily generate powerful antioxidants that can fight those free radicals.

  • Helps to fight against harmful free radicals
  • Supports healthy production
  • Promotes liver health
  • Dosage is 1 capsule twice daily
  • Safe and healthy vegetarian capsule

May Help Detoxify the Liver And Kidney
The liver and the kidneys are the organs that get rid of toxins. But if they are overloaded with too many toxins, they will not function efficiently. In fact, too much toxin deposits in those organs can even do irreparable damage to either one of them. For instance, too much alcohol consumption can lead to liver disease such as cirrhosis. With a NAC supplement, one could assist these organs to flush the poisons in the body and not make them strain so much to do so.

Helps with Breathing Problems
The NAC antioxidant works in the respiratory organs as well. Those with breathing problems (which can also ruin sleep) may be glad to know that n-acetylcysteine as an amino acid can fight free radicals in the respiratory passages as well. It also functions as an expectorant by releasing the mucus in those parts out of your body. NAC has been used in providing relief to people with lung and other respiratory problems in a hospital or clinical settings.

May Improve Mental Health And Brain Power
Glutamate is a neurotransmitter that plays a big part in brain functions such as memory and learning. Glutathione, on the other hand, is an antioxidant that prevents damage to brain cells. NAC can both maintain a healthy supply of glutamate and can help produce glutathione making this capsule a very effective but safe supplement for the brain.

Protects The Heart
This capsule contains selenium. Studies have shown that healthy selenium content inside one’s body can prevent heart-related diseases. Selenium does that by preventing inflammation in the cardiac areas. People with coronary heart disease are, in fact, given selenium supplements to decrease the possibility of inflammation in the heart. Selenium also generates glutathione in the cardiac organ.

May Help Prevent Insulin Resistance
People who have acquired type 2 diabetes have a history of insulin resistance. Insulin is supposed to transfer glucose from the blood to the cells and transform them into energy. When the body resists this transfer, it can spike blood sugar and can lead to diabetes. The lack of glutathione is one of the reasons why the glucose transfer fails. But with a supplement that ensures the generation of glutathione in the body, a person is less likely to develop a troublesome condition such as insulin resistance.