Hair Care, Moroccanoil Treatment Light For Fine Or Light Colored Hair 25ml

Moroccanoil Treatment Light 25ml was specially developed for fine and light hair, delivering extra radiance, smoothness and nourishment with each application.


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Moroccanoil Treatment Light 25ml readapts the famous benefits of the original Moroccanoil Treatment to suit the special needs of fine or light-colored hair (including white and grey). In fact, this product provides the same efficiency as its predecessor, but through a lighter formulation, texture and color. Like so, with a non-greasy formula, the Moroccanoil Treatment Light also blends the power of Argan Oil with nourishing vitamins to work simultaneously as a conditioning agent, a styling solution, or even as a shine-boosting finishing touch. In fact, thanks to a wide list of properties, this ground-breaking product offers a versatile application with countless benefits. From detangling to speeding up drying time, improving shine and manageability, or ensuring a smooth result, the Moroccanoil Treatment Light does, in fact, it all.

As a last note, this composition contains a velvety texture that guarantees an effortless application and quick absorption, every time.


  • Texture: oil;
  • Hair issues: styling, dryness, dullness;
  • Time of application: whenever necessary;
  • Age: 13+;
  • Hair type: fine and light-colored hair;
  • Main benefits: helps to detangle and style the hair more easily, speeds up drying time, improves shine and manageability, deeply nourishes the hair for a smooth result, offers a quick absorption and non-greasy feeling.

Main Ingredients

  • Argan Oil from Morocco manufactured by a cold-press process is loaded with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants. This ingredient plays a crucial when it comes to increasing hair’s elasticity, shine and also nourishment.

How to use

Use the Moroccanoil Treatment Light 25ml as an after-shower conditioning, a styling formula, or, alternatively, as a nourishing pick-me-up. Apply it to dry or towel-dried hair. Pour an appropriate amount into the palm of your hands, distributing it evenly through the mid-lengths and ends. Finally, finish by styling your hair as usual. Pro-tip, add a few drops of this treatment to your Moroccanoil hair mask ritual in order to enhance its nourishing power.